EPAF Processing for the Additional Pay Policy Training

Welcome to the registration page for the Additional Pay Policy Training.

The Additional Pay Policy is intended to comply with the Affordable Care Act as well as Internal Revenue Code and applicable Treasury regulations.

Additional pay represents compensation that is not part of an employee’s regular pay for the performance of his or her primary job. Such additional pay includes, but is not limited to, payments for the following assignments and activities:

  • Faculty Overload Teaching
  • Staff Teaching Assignments
  • Non-Teaching Duties Related to Teaching
  • Out-of-Classification Assignments
  • Assignments Performed for Another Department
  • Stipends

The full policy statement is available here.

This training is designed for Business Managers, EPAF Administrators and individuals having a Business need to understand the processing practices supporting the Additional Pay Policy. Click the "Registration" button below to select the session you would like to attend. 

If you have questions, please contact Lori Bauwens at 415.422.2904 or hris@usfca.edu.