600 Dons. 60 Days. 1 Goal.

USF alumni, are you up for a challenge? The board of trustees thinks you are! Members of the board have pledged to donate $60,000 to the USF Scholarship Fund if 600 undergraduate alumni and students who haven’t given yet this fiscal year make a donation of any amount before May 31, 2012.

600+ new donors = $60,000!

We did it!Donate today and help us go from 0 to 600 in 60 days!

If you graduated from USF with an undergraduate degree or are an undergraduate student and haven’t made a gift yet this fiscal year (since June 1, 2011), you can help us bring in a $60,000 gift from the board of trustees!

The board of trustees believes in the importance of a USF education, and its members know that gifts of all sizes can make a big impact. All contributions to USF from undergraduate alumni and students – no matter the amount – count toward the challenge.

Time to go:

If you make a gift before May 31, 2012, your contribution will help us reach our goal.

Why should you accept the challenge?

• Gifts from alumni and students provide essential support for scholarships, student and faculty programs, enhancements to buildings, and much more.
• Increasing USF’s alumni donor participation rate helps increase our national rankings and the value of your own USF degree. 
• Foundations and corporations often provide grants based on alumni participation – if alumni believe in their alma mater, they will too! 

Learn more about the importance of alumni participation here. It’s not about the amount. It’s all about participation. Make your gift today.